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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Contacting a Ton 6-26-2012

Hola Familia!

Well, we had another baptism this weekend! We baptized Dayana. She is the daughter of the family that we baptized about a month ago. Shes pretty pilas she has 100% attendance in seminary...but i guess that its pretty easy to get 100% when seminary is only once a week at 6 oclock in the afternoon. Also Dayana and her parents are going to go the temple this weekend to do baptisms for the dead. Emilio (dayana´s step dad) got his first calling! he is going to be one of the counselers in the Elders Quorem. So he is also going to get the melchezidec preisthood pretty soon as well.

Another cool thing that I did this week is I learned how to make home made flour tortillas. They actually dont eat flour tortillas here in guatemala they only eat corn tortillas. But there is a sister missionary in my zone who is from Honduras and she tought us how to make them (In honduras they eat flour tortillas)

Also Sister Neighbor (who is also in my zone) said that she has a friend serving in the Everett washington mission. Her name is Hermana Hone and she has blond hair and she is from snt. george utah. Maybe Kristen knows her because I heard that she has been working with the sister missionaries alot. Also my companion has 2 friends in the everett washington mission Elder Day and Elder Marston maybe you guys have run into them as well.

One nice thing is that it didnt rain this week, but I did get really really sun burnt. But Im all better now my comp let me borrow some of his sunblock.

Me and my companion are contacting a ton! Weve started contacting bigger groups of people we find int he street and we alway contact everysingle bus we get on. My last week I have the goal to get more than 1000 contacts, which is about 143 everyday. It will be hard but I know that I can do it and still get lots of lessons and everything.

Well, thanks for your support!

Elder West

P.S and yes kevin our battle will be epic

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