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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Really Cool Ward Activity" 5/16/2011

Hola Familia!

This week was officially the last week of the change. Tonight me and my companion will find out if we have changes. I really hope that I dont have changes because I just finished unpacking my stuff into our our new house. ON saturday we were able to change houses, and rid ourselves of our devil landlord who would not leave us alone. While we were moving our landlord showed up and starting yelling at us some more because we didnt clean good enough. Hermana Baldwin (mission presidents wife) just told us to to ingore her because she also came to inspect the house and she said that everything was fine. So we did. ON our way out I snagged everysingle lightbulb out of the house to use in our new house. AT 7:30 the following morning our old landlord called us again and yelled at us some more about that. WE have washed this lady out of our hair and we dont have to worry about her anymore. I did learn something cool out of the experience however. OUr old landlord lady wanted us to replace the parts in one of our toilets, so I got to figure out what to buy and how to put it togather, it was a great learing oportunity.

On saturday night our ward had a really cool ward activity, I took like 2 pictures that didnt turn out really good, and 4 videos that turned out great but the email thingy wont let me send them. non-members showed up! the only bummer was that they were all under the age of 12. The whole week we were inviting everyone to come to the activity and I guess only the niƱos wanted to come. It was alright though.

This week we found 12 new investigadors which includes 3 families! ME and my companion are really happy about that. A new investigador is when we enter into their house teach them and set a date for when we can come back. Me and my companion have been using the ward list to get to know everysingle member in the area. In this area there are about 300 members. ONly about 100 show up every sunday. Me and my companion are doing this to help out the bishopric clean the list of people who have died or moved, and to find new investigadors. WE have discovered that the majority of the inactive members were baptized when they were really young but then fell away really soon. But now they are all grown up, married ("united") and have families of their own. Families are what we want! yesterday 2 inactive people that we found came to church for the first time in 6 years, later that afternoon we went to their house and tought their family. I am really excited to work with them.

Also my whole teaching philosophy as a missionary has changed. For almost my entire mission I have been teaching the lessons so that my investigadors could understand the stories like the restoration, the apostacy, the plan of salvation but I was not focusing on teaching by the spirit. It is important to have a really good gospel knowledge as a missionary and know the scriptures like the back of my hand, but all in all if they dont feel the spirit it doesnt mean a thing. Within the first 10 minutes of a lesson We should be able to know if they have been prepared by god and if they are feeling the spirit. And if they do there really is no need to teach them a 35 minute lesson about how jesus christ formed his church and etc. In ten years it really doesnt matter if they remember what I said, the only thing that matters is that they know that what I said was true. Man, we talked about this today in district meeting and we all realized that we have just been robots teaching with preprogrammed routines. This happens to everysingle missionary in the world, sooner or later we are all finally going to be able to understand what the true purpose of preach my gospel is. The following 13 1/2 months are going to be really really good.

This past week sounded really fun for you guys. I hope you guys have a good week this week too. Wow, megan and kevin only have 1 month left of school! I bet they are really excited. I cannot beleive that we are already halfway throgh the month of may! Hey I love you guys have a good week!


Elder West

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