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Thursday, March 24, 2011

"very hard to find legal documents" 3/21/2011

Hola Familia!

I really learned alot this week. WE had the opportunity to listen to Elder
Falabela, the first counselor in the area presidency. I love these
opportunities because it always restores a bit of that fire that every new
missionary has in the MTC. He tought us that we need to stop taking the easy
road. He told us that as Elders we need to always be looking for ways to
conquer our fear. THis requires choosing the more difiicult road, and he
says that dificult things have better results. Me and my comp really tried
to put into practice what he said and we had results this past week. The sad
thing is that the family that we wanted to baptzize couldnt get baptized
because we were unable to find the papers for brother ismael. Ismael and
Ofelia are an elderly couple that have been togather as a couple for a
really long time but never got married. This is one of the biggest
challenges here in guatemala is that there is alot of people who dont get
married. The worst part is that alot of the people have no idea who they
are, literally! THey dont know there age, there full name, the name or age
of there parents, or where they were born. This makes it very very hard to
find legal documents for people (which are very necessary in order to be
married). We finally managed to locate the birth certificate for brother
ismael but it is in another city that is 2 hours away. So we communicated
with the elders in that area so that they can mail them to us. Wheeeew! The
papers for ofelia were a little bit easier to find, fortunately. But after
all of the trials and hard work we know that the results are amazing. Two
awesome people are going to be able to enter into the kingdom of our father
in heaven be saved! Man if feels so good to help people like this I cannot
even explain it. In october I will be able to go to the Temple with the
family fernandez alonzo who I baptized last october and they will be able to
be sealed for all eternity as a family. Thats what its all about!

The weather down here in Guatemala is still absolutely perfect, I am healthy
aside from the fact that I threw up last week but thats ok. Vomiting and
severe diarhea really isnt that big of a deal for me anymore...its like part
of my life now, and I have grown to accept it. Last week I went to the mega
paca (big giant thrift store here in guatemala) to look for shoes. THe
rockports that I have right now really are not doing to good, and I bought a
brand new pare of rockports and another pare of really nice dress shoes for
a grand total of 10 dollars. yup 10 dollars. THey are slightly used but they
should help me last until christmas. The nice thing about having big feet is
that in the thrift stores big shoes are cheaper because no one in guatemala
has feet big enough to use them, haha. All in all I am doing just dandy and
I am looking forward to this weekend for our baptism! yay! Oh yah and thanks
grandma for the big envelope with the calender and the tie I loved It! and
thanks to wyatt aswell for his letter, I will try and write him back soon!


Elder West

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