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Thursday, March 24, 2011

"new comp. Elder Carrasco" 2/28/2011

Hola Familia!

I have much to report this week. First of all I would like to wish Dad a happy Birthday! 46! That chocolate cake sounds good. They have chocolatecake here but it sucks.. I would also like to thank grandma J for the letters that I have recieved. I just got one that had some paintings from chloe and kelly. I also received a new companion. His name is Elder Carrasco from Costa Rica and he has 13 months in the mission and he does not speak a lick of english. So far I like my comp. he likes to walk really fast and work really hard and have the best stats in the district. I think that I will learn alot during my time with him. I suspect that I will be in this area until June wich will be about 7 months in total. My old comp Elder Otuafi went to an area called Amatitlan. Right now the whole mission is having a crisis because it is the end of the month, and the church still has not given us or allowance for the next month and we will not recieve it for another week. I guess the church system broke or something. Last month I started an emergency fund by setting aside 150 quetzales each month which was a really good Idea on my part so right now I am using that. THe only bummer is that my comp has zero money so I am also paying for him. So It will be interesting to see how we get through this week. Also in one week I will have 8 months in my mission.

So this week we have been working with 4 families that we think that we can baptize. They all have a bunch of things to overcome but we are confident that they really can progress enough to be baptized. Yesterday we had a lesson with a part member family. THe husband,louis, is catholic and is 20 years old and the wife is 18 and they have a little baby. With my old comp we tried to teach him but he was just to hardnosed ot exept any of our message. However my new comp. Elder Carrasco gave it another shot. My comp is so straight forward and bold that He actually got the kid to cry. He sinceraly told us that he would pray and investigate further. It just goes to show that our mission president assigns us to our areas through revelation. I think that louis really needed to listen to someone like my companion. WE are really hoping that we can help him to find and answer.

Well other then this everything is all good down here in guatemala. It is still sunny and perfect. The rainy season will start in like may or june or something and will last until like november. So if you guys are thinking about coming down here to pick me up, it would be right during the middle of the rainy season. I am happy, I think I will lose weight with my new companion because we walk so fast. I am also really excited for this change because general conferance is in april. YAY!!! Just a side note, you guys may want to make sure that there is a little somethin something inmy personal card just in case I cannot last this week.

Love Elder West

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