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Monday, January 3, 2011

I hit my 6 month mark HOLY MOLY! 1-3-2011

Hola Familia!
Happy new year. I cannot believe that it is 2011, this is the only complete year that I am going to be here in guatemala. It sounds like you guys had a good holiday break, I bet megan and kevin are excited to go back to school and stuff. These past two weeks have been really interesting, it has been cool to see all of the traditions that people have here. ON new years eve me and my companion went to sleep at 10pm beacause we were tired and we had to because its basically like a rule, and then naturally at midnight we were awoken by the most fireworks I have ever heard in my life. It was so loud and we could hear stuff landing on our little tin roof. I could have sworn I was like ina war zone our something. My first new years moments went like this: My comp:´'hey elder west are you awake´' , Me: ¨yep'' , my comp: ''its pretty loud huh?'', Me ''yah, happy new year'', and then we went back to sleep. I love being a missionary. HOwever my new years day did not end like this, at 4:30 in the morning they decided to have a huge parade right in front of my house with firework and trumpets and drums and everything. NOw that really annoyed me ALOT! The parade lasted for 30 minutes, I think it mght have stopped in front of my house or something. whatever. And then at noon they did it again.
When we woke up in the morning we went and we helped our recent convert build a house for his son in law, we were about half way done with it in about 3 hours, we are going to finish it up on monday. It was a 16 by 16 foot house made out of tin. When I get back if anyone want s me to build them a a little house I can do it now. But now I am really sore. THe next day we helped some people move a huge pile of dirt which was really tiring as well but it was good.
This saturday we are going to have 3 more baptisms! I am really excited for that I hope all goes according to plan. This next week I may ahve a new companion...again. NExt week is changes so well have to see what happens there as well. THere is also a rumor that elder ballard is coming to town with elder christiansen, I am super excited for that as well.
OH and thanks for preparing that box to send me mom, and its ok if you send me dear elders in hard copy it makes me feel good when I get them even when I know that I have already read them. This week I hit my 6 month mark HOLY MOLY! I will see you guys in 18 months.
Love Elder West

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