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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Baptizers of Little Kids" 7-27-2011


This week was good. Everyone has been talking about a really dumb missionary from South mission who got attacked by a Lion because he wanted to get a really close picture. That is the stupidists idea I have ever heard. I bet that the missionary feels like an idiot right now. Its kind of funny and sad at the same time. Scott sent me an update about it. at first I didnt believe it, but I guess it made in the worldwide news. haha, that is sooo embarasing I feel sorry for that Elder.

Apart from that, We had two more baptisms this week! wohooo. Sergio and Clara, two 11 year old twins. They are really really good. I usually try not to baptize children without there parents but they have really strong testimonies. The only reason her mom didnt get baptized is because she is not married to her husband. She told us to go ahead and baptize her kids without her, she is also really good. She is basically already a member, and she has a really strong testimony. She is really cool too, she has lots of cool stories about how she grew up on a ranch. In her family there are no brothers so she had to do all of the "boy" work.

This week we did alot of walking. We had some days were everysingle one of our appointments fell through. Because we are in a walking mission, that means that we have to walk the whole day, uder the blistering sun. i am wiped out. I think my immune system was broken down as well because I am getting sick. My companion is like a computer genious and he told me that my camera memory has a virus so that is why I havent been able to send anything. Darn it. I sent some pictures from my comps camera.

WE have another baptismal date for the 6th of august as well. She is the little sister of Kevyn ( who we baptized on the 10th). She is also really pilas. We are now the official baptizers of little kids in our district, its our inside joke. OUr focus isnt little kids, but thats just how it worked out this change.

anyways I have to go, but thanks for you support! and thanks grandma, kevin, and Wyatt for the letter, it was awesome!

Love Elder West

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