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Monday, September 13, 2010

Yes, There are spiders here.


Greetings family,

I felt like a real misisonary this week! I tought a whole bunch of people. This is what a normal day would generally look like:

  • 6:30 wake up exercise
  • 7:00shower eat breakfast get dressed one hour
  • 8:00 personal study
  • 9:00 companion study
  • 10:00-10:30 language study
  • 10:30-9:00pm prosolyte
WE have been teaching lots of people. the cool thing about my area is that almost everyone is related in some way. If we teach one person they will give us there reference for their family. WE always have someone to teach. We have two people that for sure want to be baptized so far, there names are Carlos Roberto Rodrigues, and Marco Antonio. Alot of out time is spent walking and riding buses because our area is really big. There is this one area called Los Llanos that I really dont like, which is out in the forest. There are spiders everywhere! We were walking down this tiny pathway trying to get to a members house (hut) and my companion said ¨hey look up¨. I just about peed my pants because there were atleast 500 spiders over head who had built a giant spider web. These spiders were all about the size of kevins palm if not bigger. They had built webs all along this trail, so i was basically walking though a tunnel of spiders. When I am in this area i cannot look up. I have been in houses that are about the size of kevins room and are made only out of tin. It is really annoying when it rains here because everyone has a tin roof, and it is impossible to hear when it is raining. When it rains it rains hard! In the space of about 10 minutes it could rain several inches.

I have eaten some pretty cool things as well. As we speak I am eating a choclate covered frozen banana (those are really popular here), I eat a ton of tortillas, chicken, beans and rice, as well as all kinds of different soups. The tortillas here are about the size of a large sand dollar and are really thick, I have grown to love them. My companion told me that I ate cow intestine but I dont believe him. We rarely eat dinner here, which is kind of strange. we have a small bite to eat when we get home at like 9:00. Usually I will have like a top ramen or PB and J sandwich. i am going to loose weight for sure. We have a lady that cooks us lunch and thats about it.

On saturday we did service for about 3 hours helping a member of our branch rip out his driveway. That was hard! we had one sledge hammer, some gloves, and a pick axe and we just had at it. Needless to say i got really really sunburnt and I look like a cherry. my red face has been the center of conversation in almost every lesson I have tought. I am going to start wearing sunscreen i have decided. The rain is starting to die down now and it is really starting to be beautiful. The scenery is amazing, I think I might actually be able to email photos. I will try to do so next week.

My spanish has improved alot this week, I am really good at exlpaining the restoration. my companion says that my spanish is really good for my first week. I had a good experience on sunday when i attended church in out tiny branch. There are like 40 people that were there las sunday. We had one investigador attend which was really cool. We dont have a piano, which is a relief for me because they would definitly make me play. I never thought I would say this but I wish I took piano lessons more. everysingle member in my branch is tone deaf i swear, hahaha. The hymns we sing are are hardly recognizable.

Can youguys send me Kristens email adress so that I can email her to, thanks. I will write next week!

Elder West

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