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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1st Area - Santa Ellena 9/8/10

Ok so this is what happened

For breakfast they gave us mCdonalds. Our mission president sent taxis to pick us up and bring us to the mission home. The mission home is like 30 minutes away from the CCM. We had orientation meetings for a few hours and interviews with the president. At around 3 recieved my assignment to the Santa Ellena area. My new Companion is Elder Misini. They told us that they would be sending us to the easiest areas for training first off. me and My companion then had to travel by bus for like 1 hour and a half! with all of my luggage on buses that were crammed like sardines. The first bus we got on cost 1 quetzal wich is super cheap. AS I was trying to get off this bus the driver started to drive away really fast so I had to jump off of it while it was moving, while carrying my 70 pound suitcase. My companion was laughing really hard. The next bus we got on was 5 quetzales, this time they let me put my stuff on top of the bus which was an adventure in itself. An yet again the bus started driving away with out me so me and my companion had to jump on the back of the bus (while it was moving) and climb through the back door. hahaha, oh my gosh. and then I had to stand there squished against like 5 other people for the remainder of the journey. I was able to talk to somone on the bus which was nice. My area turned out to be up in the mountains. It is really foggy and there is like tons of trees every where.

My apartment is one of the most disgusting places I have been in for a while. It is two stories, everything is made out of cement with wires and metal sticking out everywhere. we have a tiny stove and a tiny fridge. In order to use the water we have to go to the switch board and turn it on that way. The shower has hot water if you use it right. We also have no food. My beds alright though. As I look out of our balcony I can see a bunch of little tin roofs, and like 4 volcanos. It smells like campfire here as well because no one can afford a gas stove. our stove runs on a l little propane tank. We were able to share two small messages with people before we ahd to go back to our apartment. My companion has 6 weeks left in his mission and he can speak spanish really good. He really doesnt care for the rules anymore which really annoys me but thats what companions are for. Today is our P-day and I am sitting in a little internet cafe downtown. We had a district meeting today in what looks like a stake center of sorts. The church building that we met in is actually really nice, especially in comparison to the other buidlings surrounding it.

Overall I really have no Idea where I am, what is going on, and what i should do. I guess thats to be expected on your first day in the mission. As I walk down the street people point to me and say Gringo! haha I just give them a thumbs up and keep walking. Apparently my district had 7 baptisms last week which is really good. and me and my companion might actually have a baptism this weekend because one of them didnt show up to there baptism last week. Oh man there is so much I could say. I might actually be able to send you some pictures next week, these computers are actually pretty good. I hope you guys where able to send kristen off to the MTC smoothly, that is really exciting.

Adios Familia!

Elder West

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