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And now, my son, I have told you this that ye may learn wisdom, that ye may learn of me that there is no other way or means whereby man can be saved, only in and through Christ. Behold, he is the life and the light of the world. Behold, he is the work of truth and righteousness (Alma 38:9)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"The Best 19 Months!" 2-21-2012

Hola Familia!

As always this week was great! A couple of interesting things happened this week. First of all my companion got a case of Denge (bonebreak fever), haha poor guy. I think I might have gotten denge as well. You basically have fever and your whole body just hurts, even when you are laying in bed. He was out for a good 3 days. IT gave a good opportunity to clean the apartment. I found a can of bug killer and I decided to go to work at the cockroach nest that lives underneath our sink. There is a little whole in the wood work that was the target of my attack. When I sprayed inside the whole hundreds of little bugs started to squirm out. It was a bit unsettling.

We have been preparing Hermana Flor and her daughters to get baptized this saturday. Her husband, Geraldo, listens to us but he doesnt want anything to do with religion ¡Chambon! (that means lazy bum in guatemala). We had a lesson with them a couple of days ago and he told his family, "thank goodness that you guys are going to get baptized because that means that these two kids dont have to come any more." ¡MALA ONDA! (that means: that was mean) But then we told him that baptism was just the beginning and that they are going to be recieving visits from members of the church for the rest of their lives. He will eventually get baptized but not right now. God can do anything.

Elder Turcios and I are really stressed out right now because in the Zone we only have 8 baptismal dates! last month we had 20 baptisms. The pattern in the mission is that we baptize a ton everyother month. President Brough wants us to overcome that.

As I look back on the experiences I can clearly see that God has given me the experiences that I need to become a good person, a good preisthood holder, a good son, a good brother, and a good husband. As of right now these 19 months have been the best 19 months in my entire life. It is 10000 times better than winning big rowing races, or becoming a spartan veteran in Halo. I have about 4 and a half more months to prepare my self for the challenge that lies before me after i come home.

That is good to hear that Kevins voice is starting to change, that means that he is right on track...atta boy.

I have been hearing rumors from my fellow BYU alumi that I need to register for classes in march! I dont remember my password to get into my route y account. I think that they can email it to my other email adress. But the problem is that I forgot my email adress, and I forgot the password to get into my email account. Soo it would be great if you guys could give me some more info abour registering for classes and stuff.


Elder West

P.S The homeade jam almost made me cry when I took it out of the box. and I am sorry that I havent been taking pictures because I am in the city again and I dont want my camera to get robbed right before i go home... that would be Chafa (that means horrible/sucky/bad)

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