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And now, my son, I have told you this that ye may learn wisdom, that ye may learn of me that there is no other way or means whereby man can be saved, only in and through Christ. Behold, he is the life and the light of the world. Behold, he is the work of truth and righteousness (Alma 38:9)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Training Elder Pineda 8-15-2011


Boy oh boy I got some sweet thigs to share this week. So I got another companion! that really suprised me and Elder Cruz we wanted to stay togather more time. But I got another good companion so thats ok. His name is Elder Pineda and I am his trainer because he is fresh out of the CCM. He is about to complete his first month in the mission. I guess I forgot to mention that I got moved up to senior companion about 3 months ago. It is really cool being a trainer for several reasons. First of all, the church has completely changed the training program in the MTC, and My companions group was the first group to start this program. Now the newbie and their trainer have to be togather 12 weeks, so that means that I will be in this area for 7 and a half months. We have a very specific study program that includes an extra hour of companion study everyday. AnD! all of the trainers are given portable DVD players wohoooooooo! We are also given all of the preach my gospel discs (the District1 and 2) to suplement our study. This is an amazing tool to help us learn and improve better. This new program was implemented first into the mission field before it was used in the MTC so that the New missionaries would enter into the field and be able to practice the same things. It is really amazing it is called simplified or basic studying.

I love training! having a new missionary with me is awesome because they are so enthusiastic about everything. This week we conctacted the whole world it think. We were able to find 12 new investigadors this week and 2 families. Elder Pineda is from San Pedro Sula Honduras, but he looks like a gringo because he is whiter than me, hahaha. When I first met him it kind of threw me off a bit. He also has braces still, so that means that we have to go to the dentist every month. He is great, he has alot to learn, but he is great. All of the missionaries that are going in to the MTC right now are going to be way better than my group of missionaries that entered into the MTC more than a year ago. We got super wet yesterday it rained super hard and the streets were like converted into rivers or something. THe water was like rushing up to my shins and times. We had to go back to the house and change, it looked like we had jumped into a pool.

My best experience this week. Me and my companion were teaching Giovani and he told us that he was having a horrible day and he wanted us to help him have more peace in his life and help him understand why God was letting a whole bunch of horrible stuff happen to him. My companion felt impressed to have him kneel down and ask god right then and there. After that the lesson went great. And by the end of the lesson he told us that God had answered his prayer.

Where is Parker going that is new new to me? I got the facial cleanser about a month ago, I just forgot to tell you, thanks mom! I am healthy, happy and working hard.

Love Elder West

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