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And now, my son, I have told you this that ye may learn wisdom, that ye may learn of me that there is no other way or means whereby man can be saved, only in and through Christ. Behold, he is the life and the light of the world. Behold, he is the work of truth and righteousness (Alma 38:9)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Golden Lopez Family" 8-29-11


Let Me just start off by saying that this weeks was Calidad! The first cool thing that happened was that we found 4 families this week! The second thing that happened that was very cool is that I officially finished my first little box of dental floss. This is the first time that I have started and finished an entire roll of dental floss. PAT-ON-THE-BACK! But yesterday I found another little box of floss in my suitcase, I think that it is a blessing from god sent to humble me and to tell me to keep flossing for the rest of my life. The second cool thing that happened was that I discovered that at the beggining of the month I made my budget thinking that I had less money than I actually did. Therefore I learned that I can live an entire month very very cheaply. And so tommorow maybe I will by 2 cans of beans instead of just one.

My companion and I are doing great, Elder Pineda is a good missionary and he is learning alot. That is interesting to hear that there was a hurricane in Virginia I am sure that that was very exciting. It rains here alot to. One of my biggest pet-peaves in the world is when we are teaching someone who has a tin roof and during the lesson it starts raining super hard, it is deafening. When that happens all you can do is put a smile on your face and Yell WOW IT SURE IS RAINING HARD HUH! and then awkwardly wait until the rain calms downa bit.

MY best Experience of the week: On monday we found a golden family and me and my companion were super pumped because we were positive that we could baptize them the 17 of September. They are called the Lopez Family. Everysingle day we were praying and praying and praying so that they could come to church. Because if they didnt come to church we couldnt baptize them on the 17th. (the 17th of september is so important because all of the Elders in our Zone want to have a gigantic baptism togather on this day). So Sunday morning we went to go pick them up at their house and when we knocked on their door their neighboor came out and told us that the night before they found a cheaper house somewhere and just left! I gotta tell ya that me and my companion were bummed. So on they way back to church we passed by 3 other houses to bring people to church, and none of them were there. However, One of our investigators; Hermano Juan, came to church with his wife (this is the family that we married like 2 months ago). After the sacrament meeting our bishop went up to Hermano Juan and told him next sunday I am going to baptize you, and he took hermano juan into his office and talked with him for like 20 minutes. This tuesday we have an appointment with him to see what happened because Hermano Juan had to leave early and we didnt have a chance to talk to him about it. But I think that this could be a changing point for Hermano Juan, and it is very possible that we are going to baptize him this sunday. Another cool thing is that right before church started the bishop asked me and my companion to each give a 15 minute talk about missionary work. Elder Pineda almost peed his pants because he has never given a talk in church in his life! hahaha, but he did fine. I was really excited to give a talk because I knew that someday this was going to happen to me in my mission and I had a talk already prepared.

Thanks grandma for the funny jokes you sent me it was really funny. I am doing great down here in guatemala, I only got sick once last week, but my immune system is like super awesome now so I got over it in like one day. I think that every month I have to get sick or something. Right now I have to go but I love you guys!

Love ,

Elder West

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