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Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Game

Hola Familia!

Well I had another fantastic week, I baptized my first complete family on sunday! That was really great I got to baptize Juan Jimenez Fernandez, the dad. My comp baptized Luisa (mom) and the son Brian who is Kevins age. I love this family so much I feel at home whenever we visit with them. they have 3 other children aswell. I baptized one of them last month, which is how we were able to find this family. they have two other kids who are older who will baptized as soon as they stop having classes on sundays and stuff. I have officially finished my first change in the mission field, on wednesday I get to figure out who my new companion is. Chances are that he will probably be a latino. I have been given the respnisibilty to be the guide for my area so I have to show my comp where everything is. My area is so huge there are alot of areas I havent even seen yet. But thats ok. My goal is to have jsut as many baptisms as I did during this last change. I had 6 baptisms in this last change, which is extremely awesome, for only one change.

I am also going to nickname this week the fishy week because we got fed alot of fish this week. They way they cook fish here is really cool, they gut it and then stick it in a frying pan with the head tail and everything. Or they stick a pot of broth and cook it like soup. you have to eat it with your hands and pick through the skin to get to the meat. It tastes pretty good, but one of the fish that I ate tasted like dirty water which probably wasnt a good sign, but i didnt get sick so I m good. I really really love beans as well, it even comes with a very comical side affect which me and my comp share very frequently. Beans and eggs, the guatemalan signiture dish, mmmmmmm!

OH yah this week I had another really fun experience on the bus. Actually 2. One time our bus was so full me and my comp had to climb on to the roof and ride up there, hahaha. It was so fun! we had like a 35 minute ride to. We figured out a fun game while we were up there, it was called ¨try and dodge the overhanging branches while sitting on top of a bus going 60 miles per hour¨ it was actually really fun. There was like 7 other guys up there playing with us, hahaha. I managed to snap a few pictures while I was up there, but there not very good because I was trying to hard to hard not to fall off. That was one of the highlights of the week I hope I get to do it again. The other fun experience I had on a bus was when Me and my comp were coming back from Zone Conference on a really long bus ride with some other Elders. One of the latino elders motioned me to follow him up to the front of the bus, he handed me a book of mormon and we then proceeded to teach the whole BUS! That was nuts, After he finished talking he looked over to me as if he expected me to say something, haha, so I did. Man that was a good learning experience, Afterwards I learned that if we do that we get a free ride. We also got some good references to. HOly moly that was scary though. One thing that i learned in my mission so far is that if you are not uncomfortable you are not growing and learning. So basically I also learned that the job of my trainer is to put me in uncomfortable experiences, haha. Lets jsut say that I have a good trainer and I have grown a ton. This is a good principle that I think megan and kevin should employ at school.

This next week I wont have another baptism, but I should have a bunch of other cool experiences with my new Comp! Keep up the good work at school Megan and Kevin, I got my eyes on you. Thats really cool that dad is going to meet with a seventy as well, I have run into my area authority presidency a few times and it is always a really good experience. Anyways I love you guys thanks for sending me emails and stuff!

Love Elder West

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