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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Antigua Visit 10/11/2010

Hola Familia
What a good week it has been. I had my 3rd baptism yesterday and I got asked to perform the baptism again. It was really cool. I baptized carlos roberto rodriguez carias, I love this guy he is hilarious. He looks like mario and he is like the funniest guy ever. When I baptized him I had to do it twice because his pants werent sumberged. He wanted to bring his own clothes, so he showed up in white shorts, a white shirt, and a really fluffy white robe. The problem was when I baptized him, because there was a big air bubble in his shorts that made is shorts float on the top of the water. THe second time I had to be sure to dunk him really deep. I attached the photos of my baptism. i also attache photos of some of my other adventures I had this week. NExt weekend I have 3 more baptisms, a family of 3. They are our Golden family, man they are definetly prepared and chosen by God to recieve the gospel. IN total in my first 6 weeks in the mission I will have averaged 1 baptism per week, which makes me really happy.
ON p-day we had a zone activity were we got to go to the city of Antigua. Antigua was like a huge center from when he spanizh were here. There are alot of spanish ruins and alo of buildings that have been restored. This ciy is beautiful. It is clean and perfect and real ideal. The governmen actually tries to preserve this city for all of the tourists. there were alot of tuorists there that we got to see. That is a cool city, I found a store that sold rootbeer! which made this trip worthwhile in my opinion. I attached photos of that experience to. The funnest thing to do there is to barter with the people selling stuff in he market. Because I am white they raise the prize so that it is ridiculously expensive, haha, no joke. For example I was looking for a sweatshirt I could wear because it is really cold in my area. I saw one that I liked and the old women told me that it was 130 quetzales! No way! so I used my skills and dropped the price down to 60 quetzales which is like almost 10 dollars. So I got a really good sweatshirt for 60 Q which made me happy.
We had a meeting with all the newbi missionaries as well. President Baldwin was there and everything. They made us teach a 5 minute lesson in front of a camera and would then later play our video infront of everybody, including the president, and they were supposed to judge us on how we did. It was really funny. I think I did well, my spanish is better than alot of the other newbies.
I am really starting to get into a good flow with my spanish and teaching. Right now we have 3 other families progressing and we are planning to find 5 plus new investigadors this week. This is my companions last week so I have to make sure to keep him motivated. I get a new companion next week and he will most likely be a Latino. I will have to be the guide for my area, so I really need to step up my game and work even harder this week. That way I will have a lot of work ready for my companion.
THis week was the first week were I didnt throw up or have severe diarhea, which has been really amazing. I am alot skinnier I think I lost like 15 pounds or something. I can now button up my suit, haha. I also have a really funny tan line half way up my neck because of my shirt collar. ANyways it has been really good hearing from the family. I cannot believe that they are going to organize a new stake up there, that made me smile. This year has been a huge year of change. Change is fun. I can imagine kevin walking around in his spartan armor, hahaha, that is totally Kevin. I started flossing everyday, and I started eating more healthy and stuff. Good luck at college Mom!
Elder West

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