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Monday, October 24, 2011

THE RAIN STOPPED! 10-24-2011


We had 2 baptisms this week! We baptized a guy called Raul, and a niño who has 9 years old as well. Raul is a great convert and his story is really awesome, i might of told you guys once before but I will tell you guys again. About 4 months ago me and elder Lopez we having alot of trouble finding new investigadors, and so we come up with the idea to look in our Area book and find all of old investigadors (there are a ton in this area book). we found one teaching record that was really positive, that was written about 2 years ago. It was the familiy of Raul. Except the teaching record was for his daughter Saada, who no longer lives there. She was going to get baptized but her parents (Raul) didnt give her permission and didnt want anything to do with the church. Elder Lopez and I found there house, and passed by several times but could never find them at home. about 2 months ago me and my current companion Elder Pineda passed by there house on the way back from an appointment that had fallen through and I recognized that house and I really felt like knocking on it. So we did and they let us come! And we baptized Raul yesterday! His wife is a workaholic and hasnt been able to come to church so thats why she didnt get baptized. His youngest daughter Yosselin will probably get baptized next week! We will also Baptize the family Tay Ramos next sunday as well. I also got to go to a baptism that the sister missionaries had because the family they baptized lives in my area sometimes and I was able to teach them as well!

We had a conferance with Elder Martino who is the 1st councilor in the area presidencia. And it was amazing! He talked to us about what it means to be a succesfull missionary. The spirit was really strong, he made alot of people cry. It was so good. He told us that for every 1,000 doors that we knock we will probably baptize 1 person, he said that we could work like that if we wanted to but there is really a better way. He told us that if we strive to have our lessons in the house of a member 2 of every 3 investigadors will get baptized. This was part of a study that was done in the nicaragua mission recently. That is an amazing difference. He talked alot about proseletismo inteligente (inteligent proselyting) to help us be more efficient with our time.

THE RAIN STOPPED! In Guatemala when the rain stops it stops for good. There are scattered clouds, a nice cool breeze, its probably about 75-80 degrees during the day, its perfect! This is perfect disc golf weather. If guatemala wasnt so dangerous I would totally live here to enjoy this fabulous climate.

I figured out how to send pictures again!

I was brave enough to take a few pictures in my area.

  • The street that I took a picture of is an example of how everysingle street in my area is like (I took the picture half way up the hill, and you still cant see that top, and there are longer streets than this one)
  • Baptism with the Hermanas
  • Raul and my companion Elder Pineda (he thinks he tough, hahaha)
  • and two pictures of me in my apartment

Elder West

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