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Monday, November 7, 2011

"We baptized Amanda Gomez!" 10-31-2011


We had another Baptism! this one was really a miracle. We baptized Amanda Gomez! Elder Lopez and I found her about 7 months ago, and she was ready to get baptized 7 months ago as well. The only thing is that her husband didnt want to get married to her, so it took us a while to convince her husband to get married with her or leave the house, and then it took forevor just to get all of their legal papers ready to get married. I seriously thought that I was never going to see her get baptized. But on Friday we finally got a hold of the last papers that we needed to baptize her. So we called the awesome lawyer that I know (who is a member) and we married and baptized her the next day! Wheeeew! Amanda is one of the best converts that i have ever seen, she was truly prepared by god to recieve this gospel in this time and I was priveliged to teach her for almost 7 months. Her husband is slowly but surely softening his heart and has been progessing poco a poco as well. Today at 4 oclock we have 2 more baptisms as well! We are going to baptize the Familia Tay Ramos. The Husband (Valentine) was baptized about 16 years ago and went inactive shortly after. So we are going to baptize his wife (Alva) and his Daughter (Catherine). I found them about 5 months ago. They wanted to have the baptism today because we have changes this week, and they really wanted me and my companion to baptize them.

So tonight they are going to let us know if i have changes or not. I think that I will, but I really have no idea. I dont want to leave this area because we have like 7 other people who are ready for baptism, I know these streets like the back of my hand, I have the trust of the members and the bishop, and I feel like we are working really efficiently. It is really cool because in the street, I feel famous because almost everyone knows me, I am always waving, haha.

I am sorry that I can´t explain more about my investigadors but i ran out of time. I didnt send pictures today because I know for a fact that this computer has a virus on it and I just bought a new memory card last p-day. But anyways I am really stoked for our baptism today and for the transfer that I might have.



Elder West

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