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Monday, April 18, 2011

"big laminated poster of the first vision" 4-18/2011

Hi family!

Ok so I took pictures and I remembered to bring my cord, its just that the computer I am using is really old and doesnt have enough USB drives, so sorry but next week forsure I will send pictures.

So this week was probably one of the most unsuccesful weeks of my mission so far. We were only able to find one new investigador, which is really bad. The tactics I used to find new investidadors in my last zone do not work here. My last zone was in the mountains, and in the mountains people are alot nicer, less educated, and more trusting with other people. But now i am in pure city, and the people are alot meaner, more educated, richer, and do not trust anyone because they are afraid for their lives. I know and have faith that I can find new investigadors here in Peronia its just that I need to start from scratch and develop a new strategy. The first thing I need to do is learn to trust more in the spirit and to act on its promptings.

The good thing about last week is that we put a baptismal date for the 21 of may, and we set a goal for them to be married the 14 of may, one weekend before. His name is Juan Carlos Martinez Garcia, his wife is a member and the missionaries have been working with them for a while. He is really progressing, he goes to institute with his wife every weekend and he always comes to church, they only thing is that they need to get married and he needs to get baptized because he is really ready.

Last week we decided that we were going to go visit a less active family, called the estrada family. And when we arrived everyone was really agitated and startled. We asked them what happened and they told us that 15 minutes earliear they were robbed at gunpoint. The interesting thing is that they were all sitting outside on their front steps, but the robbers only wanted to rob one of them, Hermana edna who is 23 years old and thinking about going on a mission. The reason why they robbed her was because they saw her talking on her phone before hand and they really wanted that phone. Fortunately nobody got hurt, and they were actually all pretty relaxed. Hermana Edna said that that was the 4th time that she has been mugged and that is the 4th phone that has been stolen. bummer. I am never going to use my camera outside in public while I am here! We shared a message with them and I think that helped them forget about it easier.

In my house I found a really big laminated poster of the first vision, and on the back was the name of Elder Waldo. Elder waldo was known for taking that poster everywhere and teaching bus loads of people at a time. That poster inspired me to do the same. This week I set a goal to that whenever I get on a bus, I will use that poster to teach the whole bus. For a while i have been feeling unsatisfied with my efforts even though I have been working really really. I need to challenge myself more and do stuff that makes me overcome my fears and burst out of my bubble. Just writing about it makes me really nervous, and I honestly really dont want to but that means that it is excactly what I need to do.

It sounds like everything is goin pretty good up there in lake stevens. Its good to hear that megan is learning how drive...hahahahah. Im sorry megan but I laughed really hard when I read the account that mom gave me about your driving experience. By the way I sent some letters to megan and kevin last week so they should get there in a little while. anyway I need to go.


Elder West

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