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Thursday, December 16, 2010

"I can actually speak spanish" 12-13-2010

Hola Familia!

Its Almost Christmas! Oh and Happy Birthday MOM! This week was pretty good. I came to the realization this week that I can actually speak spanish. I really cannot believe it, I can pretty much understand just about everything. There are still alot of words I dont know but it is just coming alot easier now. I can pretty much say what ever I want to say now. On christmas you guys can call me if you want. Here is my number 011-4058-2698. I will give you guys more details next week and we can set up a time or something when you can call.

Another thing I realized is that I am getting fatter. I think its because I get fed breakfast lunch and dinner FOR FREE! man I still cannot get over that. but yah I am getting fatter, so I am not going to buy a mcflurry when we go to mcdonalds today. I also heard that people are going to start breaking out the tamales pretty soon so I am pretty excited for that. this morning I did somepushups so I think that helped alittle bit.

I am starting to learn my area alot better now. The names are alot harder to learn here because they are in cak´chiquel. I learned some new words good means UTZ and very good is UTZ PEEN PEEN. IT is an awesome language. I want to learn more but there are no books that exist that teach it I pretty sure. ANother thing I have noticed here is that during lessons my investigodaors will talk ALOT! which is good but at the same time it is really annoying. FOr example the other day I asked Hermano Chiroy Why is it important that we have prophets? THe next thing I know he is telling me about how he had a vision about some lights coming out of the sky and circuling around him. Its a challenge to keep control of the lessons, but its a good growing oportunity to learn how to control lessons. This week we set 2 baptismal dates for the 26 of December happy birthday Megan.

ME and my companion are pretty much like best buds now we make sometimes I think that we have too much fun while preaching but thats ok. all in all, all is well, the weather is beatuful and sunny and my belly is full. And I we are having success. Happy birthday mom I dont remember how old you are turning but its ok.

Adios familia!

Elder West

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