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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Familia Arana Guzman Baptized 1-10-2011

Hola Family!

We had Baptisms! yay! The Familia Arana Guzman (the really poor family thathas a small daughter with sun allergies) finally got baptized. I let mycompanion Elder Corrigan do the honors in baptizing Margarita (the wife)and another kid (a priest called efrain) from our branch baptized HermanoCesar (the husband). We told Hermano Cesar he could pick any worthypreisthood holder over the age of 16 years to baptize him including us. Hewas quiet for a little bit and the decided that this priest should do it.It was kind of random, haha, but It was a good experience for the priest.He was really nervous, He didnt dunk him all the way the first time, andthen after that he messed up on the prayer about 10 more times at least,haha but in the end he was able to baptize Brother Cesar just fine.We didnt cast out any demons this week, but this morning one of ourbaptismal candidates got really sick and had to go to the hospital. Rightas me and my companion were on our way to district meeting some of herfamily members (margarita our recent baptism, who is her daughter) found usand they wanted us to go and convince her to go to the hospital because forsome reason she didnt want to go to the hospital. It was pretty dramatic ,everyone was crying and begging her to go to the hospital but everytime shejust said "Just let me die here, I dont want to die in the hospital". Theyasked us to give her a blessing, and so we did. But she got out fo her bedand knealed down on the floor, and me and my companion were like "umm itsokay hermana you can stay lying down if you want" but her family was like"just let her be". And during the blessing she fainted (I wonder why?) andthen I told them "you should probably lie her down" (because they were justsupporting her in their arms), and they were like "no! if she lies down shewont ever get back up (as if she was going to die if they layed her down).It was pretty dramatic, and as a result we were late for district meeting.But I hope she is okay because, she really wants to get baptized.Anyways, Those were the highlights of this week I guess. I attachedpictures. One of them is of the baptism. And the other one is a picture ofmy on my 18 month mark. I love you guys and I hope you have a good week.


Elder West

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